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Metropolitan Blood Flow. Photos & Gif By David Hanjani


Metropolitan Blood Flow. Photos & Gif By David Hanjani


flower trophy, floor presentation. fake flowers, paint, fake hair, glitter, stuffing…


In this episode of The Tiara Talk Show, Ridley Pearson, author of “KINGDOM KEEPERS VII: The Insider” chats with host Tammy Turner about writing the “Peter & the Starcatchers” series with Dave Barry, several trips aboard the Disney Cruise ships, a Kingdom Keepers spin-off series, a possible Kingdom Keepers movie and more!

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It’s actually really disturbing that kids falling asleep in school is viewed as them being lazy and not as the school overworking them to the point that they literally can’t stay awake.

i fell asleep in chemistry class once and my teacher got me a pillow and a blanket and made the class work in silence so i could sleep.

Best teacher ever.

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Disney Secret #190: On August 28, 2018, Disneyland will be open for 1,500 hours.