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tw: religion

all my opinions and I don’t mean to offend anyone on any grounds

when I say im proud of my faith…

im not saying im proud of the hateful actions of the people. im saying im proud of my faith. people and the beliefs are two diff things.

and the faith im proud of, the faith I grew up with, the faith my closest friends follow, or even just the morals held by my friends, does NOT contain strict boundaries or “pure” standards and absolutes and “this-or-you’re-hellbound”. or the “this-after-this” and “only if”. the faith I know is simply having hope and knowing that you have power to do something and that love triumphs over law.

when I say im proud of my faith, readers don’t initially know that i mean what im thinkin of. bc theres been too many people in the faith who have been raised to a pedestal and have two one of these things: 1) preaching love and practicing hate or 2) preaching hate and advertising it as “the only way”.

but I have a hard time believing He wants us to live in fear and not being happy. (its a deep-rooted belief of mine that in this life you are supposed to happy, and you cant always be, but there are too many things to live a dreary life. not saying that people need to “snap out of the sadness” but that you can know that life isn’t destined to keep on beating you.)

this is where the scare tactics come in that leaders or anyone of the faith use. people feel the need to believe or practice or do something, ANYTHING, doesn’t even have to be religion related, and only because something is gonna happen if you don’t. its good to be aware of consequences that life brings you and its good to know that cause and effect is evident if you are a human that is slave to the laws of physics and nature, BUT I BELIEVE you will live a happy life if you have reasons for your actions. being able to use your head and say to yourself truthfully that “this is true bc I believe so and I am gonna do it.” THEN that is living your faith, THAT is living.

faith isn’t a separated thing from life. its an integrated thing with everyday. its not life and then sunday. at least what ive felt.

maybe I shouldn’t be speaking for a whole group of people bc I all I really know for sure is that this is how I practice, I just live the love. at least I hope im living the love.

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i have disproportionately strong feelings about this.

every time i say “nah i’m not gonna watch it again.” BUT I STILL DO EVERY TIME.


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